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Comprised of members from around the world, who are dedicated to the maintenance, preservation, restoration and appreciation of vintage and current station wagons. The club is managed by elected officers and a board of directors, with officers being elected annually. The ISWC sponsors one International meet per year, with the location determined by member input. The club newsletter, The Talegate is provided quarterly to members.

Remember, you don’t have to own a station wagon to belong to the ISWC, but you do need an appreciation for the Great American Family Car. Be sure to check out our Facebook page to connect and interact with other station wagon enthusiasts.

sta • tion wa • gon – an automobile that has a passenger compartment which extends to the back of the vehicle, that has no trunk, that has one or more rear seats which can be folded down to make space for light cargo, and that has a tailgate or liftgate.

Pre-show ordering for 20th anniversary t-shirts is now available.

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ISWC 2023 – 20th Anniversary

Tuesday July 11th, through Saturday July 15th, 2023

Time to start planning for the 2023 ISWC Convention and Show. For our 20th anniversary we will be in Butler, PA. Our host hotel for the show will be the Hampton Inn located at 400 Benevan Square, Butler, PA. 16001. Rooms for this event are on a split price system. Tuesday through Thursday will be $112 per night, while Friday and Saturday will be $132 per night. Although, the hotel is not the largest in town, it is relatively new. They offer a free hot breakfast, high speed internet, indoor heated pool, large welcoming lobby and an outside patio with gas grill and fire pit.

As always we will have a Tuesday night get acquainted (or is that re-acquainted) dinner at a local restaurant. Wednesday and Thursday will be tour days. Friday is open for local touring. The show will be held Saturday from noon until 4:00. We are working with the local VA (right across the street from the hotel) to hopefully have our show in their huge parking lot. Those details are still being refined.

You may not know this, but Butler is the home of the Jeep. The US Army, prior to our involvement in WWII, put out a request to US auto makers to build a prototype reconnaissance vehicle. At the time, the Bantam Car Company was building compact Bantam vehicles in Butler. Due to the size of the Bantam, it was a perfect fit for the prototype. With some modifications it was accepted as the prototype of choice by the Army. Unfortunately, the Bantam Co was too small and could not produce the large number of vehicles the Army was looking for. Therefore, the Army took the Bantam design and gave it to Ford and Willys to produce the large number of reconnaissance vehicles required.

As our feature wagon at the 2023 show we will have a “Made in Butler” Bantam station wagon. (Which also resides in Butler,PA.)


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If you are like me, the direct phone number is (724) 431-2400. Be sure to reference the International Station Wagon Club.

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See you in Butler,PA!  

Chuck Snyder

Come back for updates as we finalize the activities and please share.                          


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